At Post Frontier, we are fully focused at fulfilling the highest international technical standards for film, television and streaming and guaranteeing delivery is ALWAYS technically sound and on time, in any format.

The intelligence we apply to workflow guarantees your post-production runs smoothly, efficiently and without any pitfalls.

Find out more about each of our services below.


With years of international experience, we are able to offer creativity, efficiency and safety with a full set of post-production services for your film or series.

We can plan and manage the best workflow to make sure your project’s post-production runs smoothly and efficiently, from shoot to screen.

With the best colourists, calibrated monitoring and an environment specially prepared for treating colour, our top passion is to use colour as a narrative tool, and to tell your story with all the dramatic power and the beauty that it deserves.

Whether the aim it to create the impossible or simply solve those little unexpected problems that happened at the shoot, we can offer you a complete visual effects solution.

2D or 3D animation services with a broad range of different techniques and aesthetics. Efficiency and creativity, from the simplest graphics to the most sophisticated title sequence.


We are a “PRIME VIDEO Accredited Post-Production Partner”, fully qualified to deliver content to Amazon Prime and to fulfil all technical specifications and requirements demanded by the Amazon Prime platform.

Accredited Post-Production Partner - Amazon Prime


In any format, for any exhibition platform, we will deliver your project always on time and abiding to the strictest specifications, for film, television or streaming.

Is your project bound for the silver screen? We offer DCP mastering services for theatric release, including testing and verification in movie theatres with fully approved DCI equipment, guaranteeing complete image and sound fidelity for your film.

By thinking picture and sound in an integrated way in an integrated way, we can localize your movie or TV show into any language, for any market. Our services include subtitling, dubbing, descriptive audio and translation of graphics and animations.

We can assure technical compliance to your deliverables, in any format, to any spec.


Post Frontier provides services that integrate production and post-production smoothly and efficiently.

Rapid conversion, synchronisation and color correction so that your film crew can view rushes during production, quickly, anywhere.

We will securely transfer all of your digitally captured raw material. We can plan and implement backup strategies for your production.

Conversion, synchronisation, colour correction and metadata processing for any workflow: we can make your editing team’s life easier.